General Information

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes. Need-based scholarships are available for underserved students. Please ask for details when you apply.

Will participating in this program help me get into Cornell University?

Like any exceptional, extracurricular activity, participation in this summer program can help you present yourself as a strong candidate in your college applications. Further, you can potentially submit a copy of the evaluation letter you receive from your instructors upon completion of the program as a supplement to your college application.

Where are classes held?

Classes and workshops are held in eHub Collegetown, Cornell University’s open, flexible and dynamic collaboration and coworking space for fostering entrepreneurship.

Who teaches the classes?

Classes in over a dozen subjects and workshops are taught and lead by company founders, young professionals and Cornell students with direct entrepreneurial experience and applicable knowledge.

How much do class materials cost?

Class materials will be provided by the program, you won’t have to spend any extra money. Tuition and Fees - residential & commuter

The Application Process

What are you looking for in your applicants?

The admissions team is looking for talented, highly-motivated students who are interested in attending the program because they have a passion for learning and problem-solving and wish to enrich their knowledge of programming and entrepreneurship to solve real world problems.

How old do I have to be to apply and participate?

I am a senior. Can I still apply and participate this summer?

Yes, you can still qualify and participate the summer between your high school and college.

Is admission preferential toward housing or commuter students?

Whether you are applying for the residential or commuter program has zero effect on the admissions decision. We recommend that applicants that require housing apply as early as possible to make time for all other traveling arrangements.

What test scores do you ask for?

We do not ask for any PSAT, SAT, or ACT scores. However, you are free to include them in your application if they are available and we will consider them.

When will I be notified of an admissions decision?

It normally takes three to five weeks to receive a decision after all application materials have been received.

The Residential Program

If I live in Ithaca or the surrounding area, may I live in the dormitory?

Yes. You can still live in Cornell dorms even if you are a local applicant.

May I check into the dormitory before the check-in dates or check-out after the check-out dates?

It is not possible to check in early or check out late.

How much supervision is provided?

Live-in resident advisers provide round-the-clock supervision.

Do students have access to campus facilities?

Students in the Life Changing Summer Program have access to Cornell University’s classrooms, on-campus cafés, libraries, computer labs, fitness center, and student activities center. Only residential students have access to the dorms.

Will I have access to a computer? Should I bring a laptop?

While students have access to computer labs on campus, it is highly encouraged that they bring their own laptops.

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